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Use a Network Marketing Blog to Quadruple Your Leads

A network marketing blog can and will exponentially increase your online leads.

I learned just how important having an online website can be for building my own MLM business back in the late 90’s after struggling to build my business in the offline world.

After building a team of people through a small website I myself built, I realized the internet can play the biggest part in anyone building their MLM business fast.

So, let’s look at how a website – and more importantly a blog – can help you build your network marketing team fast.

Why A Network Marketing Blog?

I wanted to present you with a couple of the latest statistics to help motivate you and help you see just why an MLM blog will help you:

  • 25% of online internet time is spent either on social media or blogs (that’s a quarter of online time by millions of people)
  • Over 60% of online purchases are made after reading recommendations from a blog

Those facts  are significant, and you need to remember them when starting a blog for your network marketing business.

So why and how should you start a blog website?

Your Network Marketing Blog Builds Rapport

With so many people reading the content and information (as well as watching the videos) on blogs, the biggest thing to look at is the rapport these website visitors will feel they have with

There are 2 things a blog website does for you and your business:

  1. It Builds Authority – By sharing your knowledge and experience on a topic, you are creating serious authority with your online presence. This authority is the same authority used in the offline world – but you have the capability of being seen by more people online than you’d ever meet in person.
  2. It Builds Trust – Because of the authority you build with a content website, you also build trust with your blog website. “Trust” as they say,”is the currency of the internet.”

The Leads Are Endless with a Online Blog

It’s true.

You will be creating content on a blog that is always going to be online – and hopefully always relevant to your industry or your market.

“Because of this ‘evergreen’ quality of always being there on the internet, you will have a continual source of leads coming in for your business.”

See, you’re essentially using your online blog as a place to “house” multiple articles and all of your content on your topic.

The longer your website is online, the more dependable it is deemed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, and the more your content will show in search results whenever anyone is looking for what you offer online.