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About Me & Terrible Networker

Here with Terrible Networker, it is my goal to guide you through expert (niche) blogging and marketing best practices, to help you grow your website and blog experience, your business, your influence, your traffic, your income and, your content marketing potential.

“This is a lifestyle you are building, one that serves others in your own unique way.”

Welcome to, my name is Clint Griffin, and I am a highly successful network marketing blogger and internet marketing coach and consultant.

I call myself “The Terrible Networker.” This is because I tried all of the wrong things when I was first introduced to network marketing while going to college in 1992. And I failed miserably at it. Nothing worked! I was “terrible” at it.

It was my aunt and uncle that introduced me to the industry. They wanted to show me this “new” business that even I (a college kid) could start to become a self-made millionaire in my spare time – all while still attending college.

I was more than excited to get going on establishing my financial freedom in my twenties (while I was still young enough to get my own Ferrari and my own mansion) before I got married and settled down.

There was only one small problem with that dream, and it was the same problem most people have in this industry – IT WAS A LIE!

(At least it was until I learned the skills to become a Terrific network marketer)

See, I didn’t know how to get started in network marketing, much less truly succeed at it…and neither did the aunt and uncle that introduced me to it.

For the better part of a decade, I’ve been helping network marketers and entrepreneurs take advantage of blogging and learn internet marketing best practices to grow their business reach, their income, their brand, and build better and lasting customer relationships.

First off, let’s start with a few notes about myself, this way we can get it out of the way, and onto why you are here, and if TerribleNetworker is the right place and fit for you and your niche blogging and marketing efforts.

Who am I?

I am a believer, husband, professional blog and network marketing coach, and internet marketing consultant, and all in that order. I currently reside in the Great State of Texas and yes, Everything’s Bigger in Texas! Ha!

I’ve come to love blogging for network marketing, and not just as one of the most powerful ways to grow what converts online, and that is the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factors here. I simply found that I love to create content, value added content via a blog.

I love blogging I suppose.

“Blogging is part art, part business, and all you.”

Each of my income streams online uses blogs and good lead capture funnels as part of the main niche and internet marketing strategies I practice, but I never figured that blogging and network marketing itself would grow into this…, a huge passion.

But, it did!

Without a great niche specific blog, your MLM business here online will struggle all that much more. And without one that adds value consistently, then all you have is a journal that will spell out the day to day failure many people experience here.

Not that there is anything wrong with a journal, but you are here because you want to grow a traffic driving, highly converting, income generating network marketing blog, and heck…one that comes with a passive or residual income too!

“Through online courses, free webinars, a YouTube community, and more, I’ve helped 100’s of brilliant, entrepreneurial hustlers like you, stand out online, oh, and make a great living as well.”

Well, that is why I built this whole website and blog, the coaching service, and the FREE video series and capture funnel for you, so that you can accomplish just that, to build a serious income generating blog and business the right way the first time!

Can You Work From Home With A Network Marketing Blog?

If I can, you can. All it takes here is knowledge, patience, and consistency with blogging and some basic internet marketing strategies. As a matter of fact, most highly successful brands and businesses online have great blogs, and those bloggers made it happen.

Blogging that, of course, includes a complete web-centric marketing approach, is a major part of any successful business presence online today.

As a matter of fact, blogging includes multimedia content like podcasts, videos, imagery, and even live casting and webinars can be added to that list, making it a complete hub for your brand and business online.

“Professional blogging tips & niche marketing help for entrepreneurs and new network marketers…”

Blogging is the central part of a network marketer’s brand online, it is where we not only house great content, it is also where we drive traffic to as well. See, a blog partnered with video or podcasts, imagery and a great call to action can increase conversion rates lead generation by over 60% today.

Why? Well, it’s value, simply put. It is value added content that not only informs, educates or inspires, in the end, it also builds authority and trust, and that is what converts online.

It just so happens that a network marketing blog is what it truly takes to build that foundation upon…plus, a few of these foundational beliefs:

  • Strategy without caring isn’t worth following
  • Competitive results grow from original ideas
  • Simplicity sells; if you can’t understand it or explain it, forget it
  • Fun, creativity, and passion in business make it all worthwhile
  • Launching is not a business model, it is just a launch

Who Can Benefit from Terrible Networker?

  • New network marketerswho want to build their business with a specific niche blog
  • Struggling network marketers and bloggers online who want to become full-time professional network marketing bloggers and online business owners starting today
  • Network marketerswho are hungry to develop steady sources of traffic and grow their customer base
  • Full-time employees who are new to the concept of making money through a network marketing blog and lead capture funnel, and areready for a lifestyle business of blogging and working online from anywhere!
  • Anyonelooking to harness the traffic driving and conversion power a blog and best internet marketing practices can deliver anyone in network marketing

Every business type and model needs a blog, and that means you too. Between video and blogging combined with a great follow up email marketing campaign, nothing builds authority and trust faster, and without either of those, you have no business here.

So, let’s get one happening, let’s build a successful income generating network marketing blog, a solid traffic driving blog that spells out authority and trust starting today, and starting here with Terrible Networker!

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God Bless,

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