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Network Marketing Lead Generation

Network Marketing Lead Generation

Are you serious about network marketing lead generation? REALLY serious?

Network marketing lead generation is the pivotal key and most important ingredient to succeeding at any multi-level marketing venture and opportunity.

Once you realize this, accept it and use it, success will start to magnetize itself to you – it can’t help BUT find its way into your life.

If you’ve tried everything else imaginable and failed, then splash some cold water in your face and slap yourself enough to wake up and realize it really comes down to how well you do or don’t do with generating those leads to be successful at it (both the number and the quality).

Nothing else matters!

Listen up:

“The 80/20 Rule needs to be replaced right now with the 90/10 Rule or the 95/5 Rule”

…because you need to be spending 90-95% of your time recruiting and sponsoring new people.

This is a fact you cannot ignore!

If you only have 1 hour in the evening to build your business, you need to spend 55 minutes of that 1 hour meeting people and finding out what motivates them, then finding out if they want to do something more outside of what they’re currently doing.

If they DO, you need to be getting them in front of a presentation and following up with them and getting decisions from them on it – one way or the other.

You won’t be able to build your business any other way. Even online recruiting and marketing requires SOME sort of connection with people that you just met.

We need to be focusing on IPAs (Income Producing Activities) – If you’re not spending your time doing IPAs, you’re wasting your time and losing ground.

The biggest hurdle to overcome in this business is this:
After you’ve approached everyone you know (family, friends, co- workers, everyone at church or the weekly group get-together), you immediately get the feeling that you’ve run high-speed off the edge of a cliff.
Network Marketing Lead Generation
This is because you don’t know WHO to talk to or how to talk to them. Am I right?

Where do we start in making the connections with people that we NEED to make, without them all thinking we’re “looney”?

This leads us to the main topic of this post… Network Marketing Lead Generation

We have to find the way to generate more leads (people we want to present our business to). And we have to do it CORRECTLY.

What Do the Leaders Do?

So, what’s the right way to generate new leads?

Let’s first take a look at the leaders in the industry. They are the greatest place to start when looking for examples. They’ve DONE it and succeeded.

Now, whether they are leaders in the industry overall or the leaders in just your company, they all have a few things in common:

  1. Most of them have a method they use for network marketing lead generation, it works for them, and they’ve taught it (and trained it) to the people that join them
  2. Most of them either primarily build their business person-to-person, or by advertising (either online or offline)
  3. They all tend to follow the basic principles: Meet new people, get them to look at their opportunity/business and follow up with them

Now, you’ll always find a few who’ve brought teams of people from other companies with them, which gave them a serious head-start to boost them to success in the company they’re in now.

BUT, most successful network marketers follow the steps above.

“When these “go-getters” generate leads, what exactly ARE they doing?”

Well, some use traditional home meetings that eventually grow and work up to larger meetings. Others purchase generic leads and “work the numbers” (usually getting low percentages of responses on those generic leads, if any, until they finally grind out a team of people over time).

Either way, they each have something in common: They have to qualify the leads they get and determine if they are actually interested in doing what they do. Eventually, most network marketers realize this.

But more importantly: They “attract” people to them that want know and learn more.

This common quality can be found with just about every top performer.

They meet new people, establish rapport with them, show them the business and collect a decision from those people.

Network Marketing Lead Generation – Making Money With or Without People Joining Your Business

There ARE methods of network marketing lead generation whereby you can make money whether someone joins your business or not.

This is better known as “attraction marketing” whereby programs or information are sold to assist with the network marketing model that create profits for you (in the process of acquiring those leads) from the sale of those informational products.

These profits are immediate and can be very motivating to your team to get them off to a good start by putting checks in team member hands as soon as they join you.

If you get good at this method of generating leads, you’ll be able to build a big business…fast.

The best recommendation I can give you on this point is this: Get good at helping people with the things they need help with – then they will naturally develop a trust and a rapport for you.

Network Marketing Lead Generation – Online

One of the BEST network marketing lead generation systems available to you will be creating an online presence that shows who you are and what type of person you are.

My free video series will show you exactly what you need to do to make that a reality for you within the next 2 weeks.

You can try to keep finding enough people to talk to outside of friends and family (going to parking lots and shows and walking up to people in public – a time-consuming grinder), but why not do it all online?

If you’re not fully convinced that this system can help you get 50-100 leads a day (or more) consistently and make you a full-time income within your first 30 days, that’s OK, use it and convince yourself.